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Team Member Benefits


If you're starting to really get into cycling, why go at it alone? For many of us, local bicycle clubs are available for cyclists looking to improve their bike skills and make friends in the process. But what exactly does a membership do for you? Though all bicycle clubs vary in what they offer and what you can get out of it, many have similar reasons for attracting local cyclists. If you're on the fence about joining, here are a couple reasons that may convince riders to ditch their hesitation and join the Team.

Team Rides

Though weekend rides are common, we also race on the weekends and weekly series through the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association year round in all disciplines. It's not just limited to the warmer months, either. A lot of northern cycling clubs still have organized rides in the winter (if you can stand it), and other events like banquets and parties are held during the offseason to keep members engaged.


This one probably tops the list. Most cycling clubs put together organized group rides weekly or monthly for cyclists of various skill levels. It's the perfect way to discover new routes, new riding buddies, improve your group-riding skills and connect with fellow cyclists in a social setting. You can also learn things from other cyclists like bike-repair tips, workout ideas and other secrets to improve your cycling. In addition to the in-the-saddle camaraderie, many clubs have barbecues and picnics a few times a year as a way to socialize off the bike.

Team Discounts on Equipment & Gear

Perhaps cyclists are reluctant to admit this as their No.1 reason, but bicycle clubs often are a financial win and that can be a nice advantage. Team members will be liable to receive discounts through our team sponsors on bikes, equipment, gear and nutrition products. Access to team discounts will be available on the members only area of this website.

Staying Connected

Being a part of a cycling club/team keeps you in touch with your area's cycling scene. Many clubs have monthly or quarterly newsletters keeping members up to date on cycling-related developments, such as upcoming events, recent legislation of interest and new members to the club. Some clubs have members-only message boards on their website, while others have e-mail lists for cyclists to interact with one another. Whatever the method, cycling clubs make sure its members are in the know.


Clubs also advocate for cycling-friendly legislation and other causes on its members' behalf, something many cyclists are proud to be a part of.



When riding your bike welcome new folks to rides, stop when someone has a mechanical, come prepared with enough food & water, carry a flat tire repair kit, and always obey the rules of the road. Remember that you are a representative of the team and it's sponsors when out on the road. Be sure to act and behave responsibly.


Each year, the team targets a select number of races throughout the region as ‘priority’ events. These are events where we want to ensure the team has a strong turn out and puts our teammates on the podium. Please make every effort to turn out for these races.

Team Clothing

You are expected to purchase a team kit to be worn at all racing events. Kits and clothing will be offered to members at a discounted rate. Team members will be notified when clohing orders are placed.

Join Team Planet X USA

It's easy to join Team Planet X USA! Simply complete the membership application, pay your membership fee, and register for a member account on this site.


Use the contact page for contacting Team Planet X USA.